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About Us

     Mr. Coffee Snob is a Colorado based company with a huge passion for coffee. With valuing time and never having enough of it, we decided to make not only our mornings, but yours a little easier. By having coffee delivered to your doorstep, not only is there one less thing to put on the grocery list, but one less thing to worry about as life continues to get busier. By the way did we mention that our coffee is certified 100% USDA Organic? Living in Colorado all us here at Mr. Coffee Snob love to enjoy what this state has to offer. Whether it's just going for a casual walk or climbing one of the many mountains it takes good clean energy to do so. Let us not only fuel your mornings, but your next adventure as well.

How it works

     Select your subscription package either 12, 24, or 36 ounces and the frequency. 12 ounces will make around 24 cups of coffee. Next, select your roast, if you're unsure please see our roast guide below. Finally, select either ground or whole bean coffee. We recommend ground coffee unless you have a burr grinder. This is because a burr grinder allows for uniform grounds, in turn giving your cup of coffee more flavor. From there you will receive your first bag of coffee within a week, and then the following bags arrival will depend on the frequency that you selected. If you'd like to increase or decrease your subscription just let us know and we will adjust your shipments accordingly. Please let us know at least one week in advance. You can change the roast your receiving at any time or opt to receive your favorite roast each shipment.

Roast Guide 

Mr. Coffee Bean Roast


Light Roasts:

     The coffee bean will be light brown in color and will not have any oil in the surface. This roast produces milder coffees with a toasted grain taste and defined acidity.

Medium Roasts:

     The coffee bean will be medium brown in color. It will not have an oily surface and will produce a stronger flavored coffee with out the toasted grain taste. This roast has more balanced flavor than the Light Roast and slightly less caffeine. Often called the American roast, due to it's preference in the United States.

Dark Roasts:

     The coffee bean is shiny brown to black with an oily surface. It produces a more bitter cup of coffee that has hints of a smokey or even burnt taste. Overall caffeine content is substantially decreased compared to both Medium and Light Roasts.